Our team knows what is best for its client. We are a strong believer in Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and often, when it suits the party, we recommend them as their preferable option so that they could reach at an appropriate and amicable settlement, in a good time. We have a dedicated team of lawyers with specific expertise to meet our client’s requirements and handle complex arbitration matters. The shared amount of expertise from our Patron Member, we are able to reach heights in this segment. Soon we expect to expand to International Arbitrations too.

The services under this includes:

  • Enforcing and challenging enforcement of Arbitral Awards
  • Appointment of Arbitrator through Sessions Court, High Courts and Supreme Court of India
  • Drafting and vetting of Arbitration Petition and replies to the same
  • Advising clients and on arbitration, conciliation and mediation matters
  • Recommended clients in ADR procedures and its related laws