is an Indian Law Firm that has a vision to reach out to the citizens of the nation of India for Legal support, whether being rich or poor, businessmen or service class people, the motive and the aim of the Firm is “DETAILING LAW TO THE SOCIETY”.

The firm specializes in advising and guiding clients with bona fide logical, practical and legal reasoning throughout the legal process in every entailed way. The Firm provides qualified and experienced direction on most challenging situations, transactions, assignments, etc., involving heterogeneous Indian Laws, regulations and judicial & quasi judicial policies, along with providing an absolute and utter solution to the clients/organisations approaching the Firm for their respective legal requirements.

The Firm is acclaimed for its legal acumen and the skills of its highly knowledgeable and dedicated team of in- house legal experts, attorneys and our patron members of the Board of consultants of various fields in the society. A well knit team of professionals from across different practice areas in tandem to ensure that every client is provided the best and the most comprehensive service.

The aim is to provide true to our knowledge high quality advice and legal backbone that provides for technical expertise and an understanding of the legal, commercial and social environment to which the Client belongs.

All About Us

We have an ambition to become a premier Law Firm that underpins our legal strategies for our clients. We aim at achieving this goal through sustained investment in managing knowledge and information and by creating a work culture in the office that enable people to offer consistent quality standard of Client satisfaction. As a domestic Law Firm, we embrace responsibilities that extend beyond a pigeonhole.

Groups Tailored To Optimise Results

Our panel of Lawyers specializes in various areas of law and business sectors. Our team at LVI constantly thrive for knowledge development in all the areas of practice to deal any situation to satisfy the needs of the clients.

As the world changes, so do legal issues and new areas are created which demans for an expert of that Area. We therefore invest time and energy in analysing and acquiring new skills and competence that the client will/ might require in future, so that we are ready when those needs arise.